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    1. Why is Keyvan Aviation / Keyvan Aviation different?

    Keyvan Aviation Group was established by experts with more than 20 years of aviation experience. The aim of Keyvan Aviation is to fully meet the needs of our stakeholders at every step in the aviation sector and to offer solutions tailored to their needs. We share our expertise gained over the years in the aviation industry with our experienced and qualified team.

    2. What does Keyvan Aviation offer us?

    Keyvan Aviation Group always offers high quality and service to all its stakeholders.

    3. Do you have a quality policy?

    Keyvan Aviation has a Quality Policy and is available on our website. Keyvan Aviation Group was established to bring beauty and high quality to commercial and private aviation. A Quality Policy has been prepared on the basis of the principle of “Not Compromising on Safety”, keeping the understanding of quality service in the foreground, by complying with all requirements published by SHGM (General Directorate of Civil Aviation), ICAO, EASA. You can review our quality policy here.

    4. Do you have a privacy policy?

    Keyvan Aviation has a Privacy Policy and is available on our website. Keyvan Aviation Group; is sensitive to the protection of Personal Data regarding websites and services. For this reason, the collected information, data all your information will be kept with us and will not be sold to third parties. In this regard, all standard security measures have been taken for your safety. You can view our privacy policy here.

    5. How do I access the Aviation Portal?

    You can access the Keyvan aviation database portal on our website. You can get more information or support here.

    6. How can I contact your expert team?

    We have a team of experts who look forward to serving you anywhere in the world. You can contact our expert team here.