As one of only four companies worldwide authorized to produce and distribute aeronautical data, we offer EASA Approved and FAA Accepted solutions that enhance the realism and educational value of flight simulations. Our comprehensive data sets cover over 40,000 aerodromes, including detailed information on airports, heliports, and military bases, and are updated in accordance with AIRAC cycles to ensure accuracy and compliance. Whether you’re a commercial training centre requiring complex flight procedures or an aviation-lover seeking realistic flight experiences, Keyvan Aviation provides high-quality, competitively priced data tailored to meet diverse needs across various platforms.

Data Solutions for Flight Simulators 

Keyvan Aviation Data Overview

Worldwide IFR and VFR Data Coverage: Extensive coverage of Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) data to support comprehensive training and operational planning.

Worldwide Airport Coverage: Our databases encompass information on over 40,000 aerodromes globally, including detailed data on airport, runways up to gate.

Worldwide Navigation Data Coverage:

  • Airports: Detailed data for more than 30,000 airports, covering civil, private, and military categories.
  • Heliports: More than 11,000 heliports documented to support varied aviation operations.
  • Navaids: Over 28,000 navigational aids available to enhance route planning and situational awareness.
  • Airways: More than 110,000 airways, ensuring comprehensive navigational support across global airspace.
  • Flight Procedures: More than 420,000 approach procedures, 220,000 Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), and 170,000 Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), providing full procedural coverage with all necessary communication information for en route and aerodrome operations.
  • Waypoints: Over 268,000 waypoints to facilitate precise navigation and route mapping.
  • Military: More than 742 military facilities and operation zones covered, supporting specialized aviation needs.
  • Special Data Categories: Extensive information on special activity areas, restricted zones, communications, Flight Information Regions (FIRs), water airfields, and more, ensuring pilots and operators have access to all necessary data for safe and efficient flight operations.

Navigation Data Compatibility: Our data is designed to be compatible with major flight simulation platforms, including MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) and X-Plane. This compatibility could allow users across various systems to benefit from high-quality, precise data.

Support for Aircraft, Tools, and Add-On Software: Keyvan Aviation’s navigation data is designed to be integrated into a wide range of aircraft models and flight simulation tools, enhancing the utility and flexibility of flight training programs.

Data Integrity and Source: Our data is meticulously compiled and curated from certified and authoritative global sources, ensuring it adheres to international standards. The master data used for simulator inputs is processed by the Keyvan Aviation Aeronautical Data Processing Department. This department is dedicated to providing high-quality, highly accurate navigation data with global coverage to avionics manufacturers, full simulator operators, and flight planning companies. The quality of our data is assured by the Keyvan Aviation Quality System, which is based on EASA approval and upholds the highest standards of data integrity and reliability.

Regular Updates: We update our data in accordance with the AIRAC cycle every 28 days, maintaining accuracy and relevance to support safe and efficient flight operations.

Frequently Asked 

How Can Using Keyvan Aviation’s Aeronautical Data Enhance Flight Simulator Training?

Our comprehensive aeronautical data sets provide detailed and accurate information crucial for both VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) simulation. Utilizing Keyvan Aviation’s data helps pilots in training simulate real-world navigation scenarios, enhancing their decision-making skills, situational awareness, and understanding of airspace structure and operations.

Can I Integrate Keyvan Aviation’s Data with My Preferred Flight Simulator?

Absolutely. Keyvan Aviation’s data is compatible with most major flight simulators, as it is provided in standard formats like ARINC 424. However, we understand that different simulators and training environments may require data in various other formats. To accommodate these needs, our team is equipped to convert and adapt our data into any required format to ensure perfect compatibility with your specific simulator or aircraft systems.

We work closely with simulator manufacturers and software developers to ensure seamless integration of our data. Whether you are integrating our data into a commercial-grade simulator or a home-based flight training setup, Keyvan Aviation is committed to ensuring that our data enhances your simulation experience by being as adaptable and user-friendly as possible.

Why Choose Keyvan Aviation for Your Flight Simulator’s Aeronautical Data?

Keyvan Aviation stands out as one of only four companies globally authorized to produce and distribute aeronautical navigation data for commercial flight simulators. Our data solutions are EASA Approved and FAA Accepted, ensuring they meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. By choosing Keyvan Aviation, you ensure that your simulator uses the most up-to-date and comprehensive aeronautical data available, enhancing the realism and educational value of your training sessions.

In addition to these certifications, Keyvan Aviation offers competitively priced data packages, making high-quality navigation data accessible to a wider range of flight training programs. We are proud to offer the most extensive coverage of heliport data globally, which is essential for specialized aviation training and operations. Our datasets also include detailed military data, catering to the specific needs of defence and security-focused simulation environments.

By integrating Keyvan Aviation’s data, you not only adhere to the highest standards of data quality and compliance but also benefit from cost-effective solutions and exclusive data coverage that enhance the scope and realism of your flight training capabilities.

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