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    KEYVAN Aviation offering Professional Aviation Data Services including with data analytic , consulting and by considering ROI in project bases to the customers. Having direct access to the global Aeronautical information , separated to each zone or country together with flight information , routes and weather information and passenger movements data enable us to provide unique project bases reports and study to improve the operators or airports management and as well as improving the financial strategies decision in aviation management and investment phases. Our airlines dedicated reports help airlines operation departments to improve their route planning , destination management and keep final cost under control and improving the airline sustainability. 

    Using KEYVAN Aviation dedicated reports help airlines to make new destination planning and generate revenue opportunity. During global recovery period it is very crucial to take strong decision to speed up the Airline recovery plan and manage the recovery cost and resources. 

    Our professional team members ready to serve customer needs and prepare best proposal and data plan. to discuss with a professional  , request a proposal unique to your needs or For more information kindly contact our team by using the Contact Us form or send an Email to:  analytic@keyvan.aero