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    We are working to become your one stop center for your all needs to fly privately.

    Buying an aircraft is not like buying another asset or comparable with buying car or villas. Keep in mind that aviation is the one of most regulated industry in the world.

    Aircraft transactions are a team work with each member of the team responsible for a different role. They also tend to work better when specialists focus on.

    Buyers will always face a range of different models and approached by lots of brokers to offer their aircraft.

     What is the difference in KEYVAN AVIATION?

    First of all, we are not broker, our team will not push you to buy a certain model or special serial number, you will not see airplane inventory list in our system. We are totally depend on the customer needs.

    World is changed and lots of individuals looking for better and safer way of travel after COVID unfortunate case, these individuals have their own preference, budget and culture , our job started by hearing you and understand your needs.

     We are able to help you identify the most suitable types of airplane based on your flying needs. And then help you choose the right individual aircraft by analyzing and forecasting issues like maintenance and operating costs together with all related arrangement. A-Z all included services will help customer to make sure about all steps and determine all risks.

    Having business jet sale expert, technical team and legal team inhouse will give us a great power to keep our customer happy during any kind of acquisition and offer a very smooth and clear process.

    As a member of NBAA (National Business Aviation Association ), NAFA (National Aircraft Finance Association), we are exchanging our innovation and idea with global partner and we are offering the best solution and services to our customers.

     If you are looking to buy a business jet, sale yours or upgrade current one, just book a meeting with our team of expert to understand about our service quality.