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    Private aviation, as a subsector of the aviation industry, provides tailored flight services to individuals, companies, and organisations. Private jets, offering fast and personalised transport, aim to save time and maximise the luxury of travel. Private aviation consultants, as specialised professionals in this field, offer the most suitable aviation solutions according to clients' needs.

    Private aviation consultants guide clients in decisions such as purchasing, selling, or leasing private jets. In these processes, consultants present the best aircraft options considering clients' budgets, travel needs, destinations, and flight frequencies. They also provide assistance on matters like maintenance, insurance, and crew management.

    Private jet transactions involve a sensitive and specialised process. Consultants provide guidance to clients regarding potential buying or selling transactions. When purchasing, tasks such as identifying the most suitable aircraft based on the client's needs, coordinating technical inspections, and engaging in price negotiations are carried out. During sales, steps include determining the aircraft's value, creating marketing strategies, and managing communication with potential buyers.

    Private aviation consultants offer professional assistance in private jet transactions, supporting clients in finding the best aviation solutions. This enables clients to experience comfortable, swift, and customised travel while saving time and resources.

    The Keyvan Aviation Difference

    In the sophisticated and rapidly evolving world of aviation, we assume a unique role in private aviation consultancy. With the increasing demands and changing needs, we represent high standards in private jet transactions and aviation consultancy.

    We take a different approach from traditional brokerage. We don't direct clients to a specific aircraft model or serial number. Instead, we focus entirely on your needs and shape each step accordingly.

    In a rapidly changing world, particularly after the unfortunate COVID-19 circumstances, many individuals are seeking safer and more efficient travel alternatives. Our goal is to understand these needs and offer you the most suitable solutions.

    We begin by assisting you in identifying the most appropriate aircraft types for your travel needs. Subsequently, we analyse maintenance and operational costs, taking into consideration all relevant regulations, to support you in selecting the best option. Our comprehensive services guide you through each step, ensuring the minimisation of risks.

    Our team of expert sales representatives, technical specialists, and legal advisors work together to ensure complete client satisfaction in every purchase. Operating with a commitment to a smooth and exceptional process, we strive to exceed your expectations.

    As members of NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) and NAFA (National Aircraft Finance Association), we share our innovations and ideas with global partners, providing our clients with the best solutions and services.

    Whether you're considering purchasing a new business jet, planning to sell your current aircraft, or seeking to upgrade your existing one, we are here for you. Your goals, desires, and questions are significant to us. We eagerly look forward to assisting you with our experienced team to provide the best possible support.