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    KEYVAN Aviation offers an Aeronautical and navigation database solution with worldwide data coverage; the database includes more than 29.000 airports, more than 39.000 Runways including Civil, Private and Military categories, and millions of rows of data included with airways, navaids, waypoints and procedures related to airports, restricted and prohibited zones, etc. 

    Data processing and quality controls are conducted in compliance with the international standard ED-76A (DO-200B) and ED-77 (DO-201B) data requirements and alignment with EU Regulation 2017/373. It falls within the scope of the EASA Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate. Following the data processing phase, a customised final database is generated in accordance with the ARINC424 standard and format (Version 22), tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each customer.

    Every 28 days, the AIP, AIC, and NOTAM data from 195 countries are meticulously analysed to formulate the KEYVAN Aviation Database. This ultimate database is utilised by avionics manufacturers, flight planners, simulator producers, and aviation departments.

    KEYVAN Aviation has devised Data Quality Requirements (DQR) and Aviation Information Processing Procedures to craft data processing and the ultimate ARINC 424 database. All data production processes are audited and approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in accordance with the issuance of EASA.AOA.DAT.033 Referenced Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate.

    For each update and modification, stringent quality control measures are applied to all data, ensuring full compliance with the requirements of EU Regulation 2017/373, as well as RTCA DO-200 and EUROCAE ED-76. Utmost effort is invested in obtaining the most current, reliable, comprehensive, and definitive database that encompasses all information released by states.

    Our Aviation Database is available for download from our website, catering to our global clientele. Updates are consistently presented in line with AIRAC validity dates.

    Should you wish to subscribe to our database services, kindly contact our team via our Contact Us or email navdb@keyvan.aero to request a personalised offer tailored to your needs.

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