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  • 15.07.2022

    Keyvan Aviation , Business Partner of ACI ( Airports Council International)

    We are proud to announce that Keyvan Aviation has been accepted to the ACI EUROPE WORLD BUSINESS PARTNERS PROGRAMME MEMBERSHIP  as of July 2022. 

    Keyvan Aviation will try to play a key role with its partnership and bring safety and high quality to member airport industry with its partnership. Keyvan will contribute to representing Turkey, being among European membership.

    About ACI


    ACI World contributes to the safety, security, and sustainability of the global aviation industry by advancing the collective interests of airports and the communities they serve and promoting excellence in airport management and operations.


    • Promote industry excellence by providing members with innovative tools and expertise
    • Support the capacity of airports to provide safe, secure air transportation
    • Represent the interests of airports to international and national policymakers
    • Foster collaboration between airports, governments, industry stakeholders, and international organizations
    • Maximize cooperation and assistance between airports
    • Increase public awareness of the social and economic importance of airports.

    About KEYVAN Aviation 

    KEYVAN Aviation Supporting Airport operator customers in a transformation of their Aeronautical data to the visual maps and adding moving information to present in the OCC and analyze the data into a truly data and information management and increase the performance of Airport operation. 

    KEYVAN Aviation is an Aviation Support and Service company, specially working to support the customers with the innovative ideas , product and solutions related to Flight Operation and Data Analytic. 

    We offer a wide range of services in aeronautical data and navigation database with worldwide coverage. we offer extensive knowledge in data analytic , data management and training services. A wide range of the services for Aircraft Avionics Manufacturer, Airline’s Flight Operation Departments, Flight Planning systems, Airports and operation centers , flight Simulators, developed by combining the experience, Special training and know-how and digital innovation with highest level of quality controls and checks. 

    KEYVAN Aviation is an EASA Approved Type 1 DAT Provider (LOA Type 1 ) organization and offering the Aeronautical and Navigation Database (ARINC 424) with worldwide coverage ,Aeronautical and Navigation Database is the main core of our production line and our mission is to deliver worldwide data coverage with reliable data content analyzed by our experienced team. KEYVAN Aviation using its own Aeronautical & Navigation Database to support customers with Navigation Database , Flight planning and route analyzing solutions,  Airport Performance and procedure management solutions , Data Visualization Solution for Authority , operators , airspace and procedures designers , simulator data requirements, and new system development options. 

    KEYVAN Aviation Group has been delivering sustainable solutions to customers while building a solid business strategy amidst a challenging environment for aviation industry. 

    2022 07 04 ACI EUROPE LIST OF MEMBERS:  aci-europe.org