IFTC Chooses to Use Keyvan Aviation’s Data

KEYVAN Aviation, leading aeronautical and navigation database provider the only one in Turkey, has signed a five year agreement with IFTC (International Flight Training Center) , a member of Gözen Holding. With this agreement, KEYVAN Aviation will provide the aeronautical and navigation database required for IFTC’s flight simulators.

High Standard with EASA Approved Data: Keyvan Aviation – IFTC Cooperation 

Keyvan Aviation continues to make a difference in Turkey and the international market with the most up-to-date and detailed aeronautical data, as well as 24/7 customer service and solutions tailored to customer needs. 

IFTC is one of the most important full flight simulator training companies in global aviation industry with 5 simulators, an area of over 25.000 m2, and two simulator centers in Istanbul and Antalya.  IFTC, which provides pilot training to local and international airlines for over 35,000 hours per year, will get the most recent Aeronautical and Navigation Database from Keyvan Aviation for its A320 family and B737 NG flight simulators.

IFTC will use Keyvan Aviation’s EASA-approved data in its modern simulators in order to train and educate pilots at the highest level, taking the training standards in the sector to the next level.

The European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA has conducted several studies on simulator requirements that highlight the use of accurate data in aviation training. At this stage, using accurate and approved data in simulators is becoming increasingly important. 

We are committed to provide the world’s most up-to-date and accurate “Aeronautical and Navigation Database” for pilot training.

“We continue to make a difference in the global market and as part of our sustainable growth strategy, we are proud to offer our world-class aeronautical and navigation database services for IFTC’s world-class flight simulators,” said Mehmet Keyvan, Chairman and CEO of Keyvan Aviation. 

” Captain Cengiz Arbac, General Manager of IFTC explained the reason behind IFTC’s choice of Keyvan: “IFTC is delighted to collaborate with Keyvan Havacılık, a prominent global provider and the sole provider of aeronautical and navigation databases in Turkey. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes of this partnership and the benefits it will bring to our valuable customers.”