KEYVAN Aviation offering Aeronautical and Navigation Database processed and coded for Military and Governmental operations. Database delivered in ARINC424 format and updated every 28 days including with worldwide coverage. All civilian operational data together with Military information and Helicopter operation data are available in our global database.

Enroute restriction , limitation , Controlled airspace , Restricted Airspaces , Special Activity areas , Danger , Military , prohibited zones and all required data for safe operation included. Database ready to use by avionics manufacturer to generate the loadable NavDB files for any kind of VIP aircrafts , VIP Helicopters , Police , Ambulance and special force helicopter fleets , Military , Transportation , Trainers and Tankers Aircraft. KEYVAN Aviation’s Team is capable to include special procedures related to in-house operation and training routes and procedures into the tailor database and deliver to customers in a secure system. 

KEYVAN Aviation’s data and analytic solutions are set to support governments for their planning and operation needs on special flights, zone planning and operation and risk calculations. By having most detailed and completed aeronautical and navigation data coverage included with Civil and military data and ability to integrate with civil airspace rules and restrictions and controlled and detailed area , KEYVAN able to support Special flight plannings requirements , aircraft and airplane or helicopter database and after operation analytic solutions. Database is available to use on Flight Simulators and Training MFTDs as well as EFB systems. 

KEYVAN Aviation’s aeronautical and navigation database included with : 

And growing every cycle. Data process and quality checks perform as per ED-76A (DO-200B) international standard and ED-77 (DO-201B) Data requirements , match with EU Regulation 2017/373 and under the EASA Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate. The final database delivered as per ARINC424 standard and format (Version 22) and customized to each customer’s needs and requirements.

KEYVAN is ready to support government VIP flights, Military Operations , Rescue and Humanitarian Operations , with flight planning and Navigation data requirements. Please review our product catalogue and To subscribe our services , request a proposal unique to your needs or For more information kindly contact our team directly at : 

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