KEYVAN Aviation’s Training department provides various training courses in the field of Global regulation and standards required for ATM/ANS and aeronautical information and data to support different participant’s needs and backgrounds and required subjects in the airspace industry. The training department is capable to offer standards and tailor made training solutions to fit organization requirements. KEYVAN Aviation certified by EASA as Type 1 DAT provider and by offering highly specialized training courses, support the aviation community in implementing the process of aeronautical information and related products digitalization. KEYVAN Aviation supported training system by implementing the required training criteria based on the EU regulations and supported by ISO 9001 quality management system.

About The Course 

DO-200A training provides participant, the principals, methods, and requirements for aeronautical and navigation databases.  Participant also will become familiar with the ecosystem of ED-76A (DO-200B) aeronautical and navigation data, from the conceptual stage all the way to the end-user to fully understand the data chain. 

DO-200B training teaches you the standards for the following aeronautical aspects

KEYVAN Aviation’s ED-76A (DO-200B) training is a combination of theoretical material and practical exercise. Practical activities include workshops.

DO-200B is the standard used to develop, support implementation, and assess change of data processing quality assurance and data quality management. Data quality is defined by several characteristics including accuracy, resolution, integrity (referred to as assurance level), timeliness, completeness, traceability and format. This includes the interface to a data supplier, receipt of the data, processing of the data, database distribution, and the interface to a customer and user requirements for data elements and data content is listed and agreed as per ED-77 (DO-201).  Course helps to Implementing a process complying with requirements, ED-76A (RTCA’s DO-200B) provides a level of assurance that the data quality is maintained throughout all phases of the data handling process within an organization.

ED-76A (DO-200B) requires items must be validated and verified throughout the data-chain, beginning with data receipt and ending with data transmission.

Target Audience

Anybody interested in working on aeronautical and navigation database processing and coding: Engineers , Managers , Quality assurance personnel ,  Certification personnel.