KEYVAN Aviation’s Training department provides various training courses in the field of Global regulation and standards required for ATM/ANS and aeronautical information and data to support different participant’s needs and backgrounds and required subjects in the airspace industry. The training department is capable to offer standards and tailor made training solutions to fit organization requirements. KEYVAN Aviation certified by EASA as Type 1 DAT provider and by offering highly specialized training courses, support the aviation community in implementing the process of aeronautical information and related products digitalization. KEYVAN Aviation supported training system by implementing the required training criteria based on the EU regulations and supported by ISO 9001 quality management system.

About The Course

This course provides participants with a brief (first phase) and detailed (2nd phase) overview of EU Regulation 2017/373 containing common requirements for providers of ATM/ANS such as ATS Providers, ATFM Providers , ATC , Meteorological Services , DAT Providers , AIS , CNS , ASM and other ATM network functions and their oversight, as variously amended. 

Target Audience

Anybody interested in getting an overview of EU Regulation 2017/373, in particular those working for competent authorities and providers of ATM/ANS services, airports managements , Meteorological service providers and DAT providers members.