At Keyvan Aviation, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of aviation training and simulation technologies. Our comprehensive offerings for commercial flight simulators are designed to meet the diverse needs of aviation professionals, training institutions, and airlines, ensuring that every simulation experience is as realistic and beneficial as possible.

Our Services Include:

Aeronautical and Navigation Database Solutions: With an extensive database that includes data from over 40,000 aerodromes including civil, private, and military categories, Keyvan Aviation stands as a leading provider for accurate and comprehensive navigation data. Our databases support the high demands of commercial flight simulators, providing critical information for flight training and operations.

Custom Simulation Solutions: We tailor our simulation data solutions to fit the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it’s adapting our databases for specific simulator models or integrating unique flight scenarios, our team ensures that each dataset delivers precise and realistic training experiences.

Our solutions are backed by a robust quality management system, adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, ensuring that every product and service we offer is of the highest quality and reliability. And our aeronautical and navigation database met the EU regulation 2017/373 requirements and approved by EASA as a Type 1 DAT provider.

Our EASA-approved and FAA-accepted data solutions ensure that training and certification programs are not only compliant with the highest aviation standards but also reflect the most current and accurate global aeronautical information. The data delivered 14 days advance before effective date and will give a chance to the training departments to plan for crew adaptation for the new routes before starting the schedules flights.

Why Choose Keyvan Aviation for Commercial Simulators:

Regulatory Compliance: Our data meets stringent regulatory requirements, being EASA Approved and FAA Accepted, ensuring that your simulators are equipped with the most reliable and up-to-date navigation data.

Exclusive Data Accuracy: As one of the few authorized producers of this critical data, we offer unparalleled accuracy and detail, enhancing the training experience with the most realistic simulation scenarios.

Global Coverage and Updates: We provide comprehensive global data coverage, updated in accordance with AIRAC cycles to reflect the latest changes in airspace, airports, and navigation waypoints.

Custom Solutions: Tailor your simulator data to specific training needs, ensuring pilots receive the most relevant and practical information during their training sessions.

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