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    Founder and Chairman

    A Message from CEO :

    It is a great pleasure to welcome you,

    KEYVAN Aviation Group has been delivering sustainable solutions to customers while building a solid business strategy amidst a challenging environment for aviation industry. My mission is to extend this improvement into the future and turn the KEYVAN Aviation Group into a leading global company.

    Here you will find details of our company, reflecting the pride of employees take in our ongoing growth and current success. It also conveys our sense of mission and vision to become the global aviation service and support company.

    Today , KEYVAN Aviation is transforming itself to take advantage of the latest technology and highest quality. We are reshaping our departments to ensure they are equipped and ready to follow our targets. Our aim is to support aviation industry to overcome from difficulties raised by COVID unfortunate situation and we are using all of our power to proceed on this way.

    I am proud to share that our TYPE 1 DAT Provider (LOA Type 1) certification process is finalized and KEYVAN Aviation received the Certificate issued by EASA.

    About Our CEO and Chairman :

    Mehmet Keyvan is the founder and Chairman of Keyvan Aviation Group. Keyvan Aviation Group was established to serve the needs of commercial airlines and private operators , airports , Avionics Manufacturer and operators with wide range of the services included with Aeronautical Database , Aviation Data Analytic , Consultancy Services ,  Business Jet Support and Fashion on Aviation.

    Mehmet Keyvan can draw on his experience in the business aviation close to 20 years. He is a member of GYIAD - an effective and pioneering non-governmental organization endeavoring to increase the political and economic impact of young business people and executives and supporting creative entrepreneurship projects.

    E-mail: pa@keyvan.aero