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    Founder and Chairman

    A Message from our CEO :

    Dear Colleagues, Stakeholders, and Esteemed Visitors,
    I extend my warmest greetings to all of you. As the founder of the Keyvan Aviation Group, I aim to elevate the achievements we've made in the past and stride toward greater objectives collectively.
    The aviation sector operates within a swiftly changing and dynamic realm. Adapting to these changes and harnessing opportunities in the best possible way forms the cornerstone of our business strategy. By continuing our customer-centric approach, we aspire to fortify our leadership in the industry with top-quality services.
    While shaping our future goals, we remain committed to sustainability and innovation, along with commemorating the successes we have attained. In this context, I take immense pride in announcing that our Type 1 DAT Provider (LOA Type 1) certification process has concluded successfully, and we are rightfully proud to have received the certification from EASA as Keyvan Aviation.
    Furthermore, we have taken another significant step in our evolving journey. We have now become an ACI Training Partner. Through this, we will have the opportunity to share our expertise in the aviation domain on a broader platform and contribute to industry developments.
    At the core of Keyvan Aviation Group's success lie the dedication and skills of our employees. You are the most valuable asset of this company, and we always appreciate your contributions. With your support, we have full confidence in our ability to grow and strengthen, making a notable difference within the sector.

    As we shape our future goals, we will continue to prioritise sustainability and innovation. We will closely monitor technological advancements, optimise our business processes, and enhance our customer-centric approach.
    Together, we embark on the vision of elevating Keyvan Aviation Group to even greater heights. Embracing change, forging robust partnerships, and ensuring sustainable growth are the cornerstones of our belief.
    I extend my gratitude to each one of you and offer my warm regards and best wishes.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mehmet KEYVAN
    CEO, Keyvan Aviation Group

    About Our CEO and Chairman of the Board:
    Mehmet Keyvan is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Keyvan Aviation Group and is recognised as one of the leading aviation figures in Turkey. Beginning his career in aviation with an engineering education, Mehmet Keyvan has been actively involved in the aviation industry for over 20 years. He closely follows technological advancements in the aviation sector and develops innovative strategies. With his leadership and vision appreciated at both national and international levels, Mehmet Keyvan continues to strengthen Keyvan Aviation Group's pioneering position in the industry with his extensive knowledge and experience in the aviation field.
    Mehmet KEYVAN is a member of GYİAD (Young Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey), TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association), TÜRKONFED (Confederation of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists), and globally affiliated with SC-216* and SC-217**, HIB (Service Exporters Association), ACI (Airports Council International - Europe), and Forbes Business Council.
    *SC-216, the Aviation Systems Security Committee, was established in 2007 to develop methods and aspects of operational safety for aviation.
     **SC-217, the Aviation Databases Committee, was formed in 2008 to develop the Processing Standard for Aviation Databases.

    E-mail: pa@keyvan.aero