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    We create our company culture and structure to benefit our planet and humanity. We contribute to our community’s prosperity through our inclusive business models for the aviation industry and social benefit-oriented approach. We believe sustainability is directly connected to our business growth and future success and to our unique role in society, which drives us to inspire others and aim to affect the environment positively.

    At KEYVAN AVIATION, we plan to minimise the environmental risks facing humanity and the environment. We transform opportunities into accomplishments that bring value to the aviation field. Sustainability is our key value, and we must develop solutions to global and local challenges together and help our team, supplier and partners grow together.

    We fully understand that ensuring a healthy future for the next generation means protecting the environment, and our value-focused perspective drives us to make a positive impact. In our efforts to meet these challenges, we invest in critical sections of the aviation industry that will add value in the future: Business Jets, Fashion and Data. Our Sustainability Policy is at the core of our corporate governance, and we share it with every staff and employee that joins us on our journey.

    We believe in the power of innovation to secure a better future for the next generation. We nurture our entrepreneurial vision through open innovation. In addition to integrating an innovative, resilient and flexible management approach into all of our members, we encourage out-of-the-box business thinking because we are committed to fulfilling our global responsibility to protect the future through every aspect of our operations.

    We set out on our journey with the confidence that our group become a sustainable service provider for international aviation industry users; in this way, we created below main tracks for our company culture:

    - Care about the environment

    - Knowledge base and equal workforce

    - Being together

    - Digital transformation

    - Sustainable, profitable growth

    In our products and services, we fully care and deliver sustainable solutions to our customers.

    - Airport Performance Measurement & Management Tools is the KEYVAN Aviation innovation program for transforming aviation data usage toward a sustainable and climate-neutral future. Pulling together different data formats and the team's capability and developing cutting-edge technologies, making these available for a transformational leap in aircraft performance in the 2030s and the way towards the EU’s ambition of climate neutrality by 2050. As an aviation company, KEYVAN Aviation pushes aeronautical science beyond the limits of imagination by creating new software and technologies that will significantly reduce the operating cost and save more time for the operators and passengers and reduce aviation's impact on the planet, enabling future generations to enjoy the social and economic benefits of air travel and grow the aviation industry.

    - Sustainable Private jet solution: we offer clients the opportunity to support long-term sustainability goals by choosing the right JET.

    - Sustainable decision: we are providing our clients with complete market analytic data, which will help them to manage their business and decision and lower the risk.