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    Ethical rules include the attitudes and the behaviours that will ensure the moral integrity of our company, the principles to be followed and the rules of working order while performing our duties.
    The aim is to determine the basic ethical rules that must be followed in order to ensure the reliability, respectability and continuity of our company and to prevent all kinds of unethical behaviour and conflicts arising from it.
    Responsibility: Comply with the applicable laws and regulations. We comply with company procedures, regulations and regulations We must comply with company procedures, ordinances and regulations.
    We are obliged to comply with the "emergency crisis" management rules in emergencies.
    Works covered by copyright cannot be used in any way without the copyright owner's permission.
    All legally required records are kept healthily.
    We comply with the Financial Reporting Guidelines and follow internal control processes.
    We report suspected violations of our intellectual property rights.
    We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.
    We cannot make political propaganda during working hours and in the business environment, and we cannot use the company name, title and resources within the company in political activities in which they volunteer.
    Leaders must take the following steps to build an infrastructure to prevent, detect and respond to compliance issues:
    Identify business compliance risks.
    Ensure that processes tailored to address your risk areas are communicated and implemented.
    Provide education on Keyvan Aviation policies and applicable law to employees and (where appropriate) board members and third parties.
    Commit adequate resources to your business’s compliance program.
    Ensure that periodic compliance reviews are conducted with the assistance of Corporate Audit Staff. Take prompt corrective action to fix identified compliance weaknesses.

    Take appropriate disciplinary action. Consult with legal counsel and disclose appropriately to regulators and law enforcement authorities. Reliability: Be legitimate, honest and trustworthy in all your activities and relationships. We are responsible for protecting the company's assets and resources. The company's assets; include machinery and equipment, intellectual property, trade secrets, confidential information and all kinds of assets entrusted to the company. The company's assets may not be sold, borrowed, lent, given as gifts, or changed in a way that would impact their values without the permission of the General Manager. We are responsible for damages arising from the use of assets. The confidentiality of all products and projects developed in our company must be protected. Company employees are obliged to protect all information against their customers, suppliers, business partners and end users. Information and documents learned for business purposes cannot be shared with persons and authorities inside or outside the institution. We ensure our books and records are kept completely, accurately, and truthfully. They are prepared on time and in accordance with the applicable rules and standards. In our duties, our work, our work environment; We never tolerate intentional violation, negligence or gross abuse. We provide correct and complete information for financial reporting purposes. We are innovative and constantly working on new business ideas. However, we always make decisions to protect or strengthen the Keyvan Aviation brand, not in favour of a particular business alone. We, as inventors, support Keyvan Aviation by filing for intellectual property rights promptly. We use computer software only by applicable license terms. We ensure compliance with our products and solutions' integrated third-party, commercial, and open-source software license requirements. We make business decisions in the best interest of our company and not based on personal interests. Our company's Employees and managers must ensure that their speech, behaviour and decisions regarding language, religion, race and gender discrimination are not affected by differences. Performance: Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs. We anticipate and avoid situations in which the appearance of a conflict of interest may arise. As part of our work for Keyvan Aviation, we do not engage companies with which we have a personal interest if it could benefit us, whether or not we have or can exert direct or indirect influence on Keyvan Aviation’s business decisions.

    We inform our managers of any personal interest that might exist in connection with the performance of our official duties. We take responsibility that the facilities and materials provided to us, such as telephones, laptops, e-mail and intranet, internal social media platforms, copiers, mailrooms, and tools, are only used for business purposes consistent with local company policy. We are not permitted to use corporate Internet access for private purposes – including external social media – consistent with local company policy. When we privately publish content on social media platforms and identify ourselves as Keyvan Aviation employees, we make it unmistakably clear, through a disclaimer or otherwise, that we are expressing our personal opinion and that it does not necessarily reflect our company's position. We are sure that we should not gain unfair advantage in favour of themselves, their families, relatives or third parties. If we are at the point of deciding on the same business in the company in the position of a customer or supplier are first-degree relatives, the approval of the General Manager is obligatory. We are obliged to obtain permission from the General Manager to participate in the invitations made by the persons or institutions with which they have a business relationship. In relations with persons or institutions that have, will have or want to maintain a business relationship with our company; Gifts, travel and hotel expense payments other than general treats cannot be accepted or offered. Results: Endeavor to create a safe workplace and to protect the environment. Keyvan Aviation serves society wherever we operate. As a company with innovative and investment capabilities, Keyvan Aviation shares responsibility for sustainable development worldwide and makes various contributions to it. In addition, Keyvan Aviation is voluntarily and purposefully committed to promoting social concerns and needs. We examine the decisions we make on behalf of our company at an early stage for possible adverse effects on the human rights of others inside and outside Keyvan Aviation. We strive to avoid or mitigate adverse effects on human rights that occur in connection with our business activities, regardless of whether Keyvan Aviation has caused or contributed to these effects. We respect the human rights of local communities and particularly vulnerable people. Opportunity: Through initiative at all levels, nurture a culture of recognizing ethical conduct. We must act in accordance with the rules and take the necessary precautions to ensure employee health and safety. For this purpose, we constantly provide the necessary information and warnings to our employees and monitor whether they are fulfilled.