2 awards from Bluesky Awards to Keyvan Aviation

Bluesky Awards Aviation Achievement Awards, organized to inspire, encourage, support and honor the aviation industry to continuously raise the standards of product and service offerings by identifying and rewarding success and excellence in the aviation industry, found their owners at the ceremony that was held at Elit World Hotel in Istanbul on November 26th , 2022.

As the fourth company in the world and the first and only company in Turkey to produce the aeronautical and navigation database, which is one of the cornerstones of the aviation industry, we were deemed worthy of two different awards in two different categories at the ceremony of Bluesky Awards Aviation Achievements 2022. We have been awarded in the “Aviation Supplier of the Year” and “Firsts and Achievements in Aviation” categories at Bluesky Awards Aviation Achievements where success and excellence are supported in the globalizing aviation industry and crowned our success in the industry with the awards.

“Our achievements are deemed worthy of an award is the proof that we are on the right track”

CEO and the Chairman of Keyvan Aviation Mehmet Keyvan thanked the Keyvan Aviation team for their devoted work and said:

“To be deemed worthy of the ‘Aviation Supplier of the Year’ award and in addition, ‘Firsts and Achievements’ award in aviation, award by the jury at the Bluesky Awards Aviation Achievement Awards, as the first and only company to have the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA approved ‘Aviation and Navigation Database’ certificate, is a big proud. Since the day we were founded, we have achieved significant success as a huge Keyvan family, taking part in firsts with the service we have provided in a very short time. I would like to thank all our team who worked devotedly to receive this award. The achievements were awarded by the jury proved that we are on the right track and will continue to work with all our strength to provide quality service to our industry.”