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  • KEYVAN Aviation is an Aviation Support and Service company, specially working to support the customers with the innovative ideas , product and solutions related to Flight Operation and Data Analytic. 

    A wide range of the services for Aircraft Avionics Manufacturer, Airline’s Flight Operation Departments, Flight Planning systems, Airports, flight Simulators, developed by combining the experience, Special training and know-how and digital innovation with highest level of quality controls and checks. 

    Aeronautical and Navigation Database is the main core of our production line and our mission is to deliver worldwide data coverage with reliable data content analyzed by our experienced team. We are using our own Aeronautical & Navigation Database to support customers with Flight planning and route analyzing solutions,  simulator data requirements, and new system development options. 

    KEYVAN Aviation’s Expert team are available to support the customers with their consultancy and training needs. 

    We are taking steps towards becoming one of Turkey's most important brands in the international aviation arena.