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    KEYVAN Aviation offering a wide range of Managements solution to the aviation industry to reduce the operation cost and improve the performance and customer satisfaction.

    Data visualization solution help Airports management to see (all-in-one) screen all gates , runway , SID , STAR , Approach procedures in 3D format and all navigation and communication facilities. The data generated form KEYVAN Aviation Aeronautical and Navigation Database including with hourly bases NOTAM updates automatically update in the different layer of the 3D map.

    KEYVAN Aviation present Airport movement data in the same map to facilitate the decision making on a different scenarios and log all the details to analyses the waiting times due to NOTAM issuance , and benefit of new SID , STAR and Approach procedures. Having this information will help the Airport Management to make better decision on surface movement arrangements and required procedure designs. Less waiting times for airplanes and reduce carbon emissions and enable more efficient operations and finally safer world and happy passengers .

    For more information and customized presentation contact our team at: apms@keyvan.aero