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  • 27.07.2020

    SNEAK PEAK: Antibacterial Cabin Crew Uniform Aiming To Replace PPE

    New uniforms remove the need for Hazmat suits or protective gowns to be worn over the top of conventional uniforms.

    Keyvan Aviation has created a new cabin crew uniform that uses antibacterial materials designed to protect people from viruses and bacteria without flight attendants having to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) over their uniforms.

    Most airlines have rolled out Hazmat suits or potective gowns for crew to wear over the top of their conventional uniforms, which can be uncomfortable, impractical and look unprofessional, according to Istanbul-based Keyvan Aviation.

    “Due to Covid-19 unfortunate situation, we worked and created our new airlines crew antibacterial uniform,” the company said in a statement.

    “We believe that our product will help airlines use higher level of protection for their crew members.”

    The statement added: “We know the importance of keeping the crew, safe and comfortable as well as stylish.

    “Our fashionable accessories line consists of bags, shoes, caps and passport wallets, which are produced from real leather, all with breathable and anti-bacterial materials, yet they are customisable in any airline’s colours and designs.”

    The company said its new uniform covers the whole body and uses antibacterial fabric to inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact with the surface.

    Keyvan said the material minimises the potential for retransmission of pathogens from the textile.

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