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  • 24.07.2020

    PRESS RELEASE - Date: July 24, 2020

    It is fair to say that almost every industry in the world has been impacted by coronavirus(covid-19). After a moving out from quarantine and confinement, many industries will have to adapt to new normal and new protocols to keeping the infection rates down by increasing the health and safety standards worldwide and creating a new safer environment for people. The biggest industry that faced challenges is aviation. As of today WHO, ICAO and IATA try their best to advice aviation market players to prepare themselves with new protocols and launch new solutions to provide safer flight for passengers. Some airlines started to use Hazmat suits and wear it on top of their uniform which will cause difficulty to move and perform the daily routine tasks, extra weight and may cause undue concern for passengers, while in the IATA Airsat Passenger Satisfaction Benchmark, 2019 data, it is clearly mentioned that the professional flight crew appearance is a must-have attribute for air traveler. Keyvan Aviation strongly believes that we should be well equipped to manage this unfortunate case, and to answer this requirement we must look at the ways of how the virus and bacteria spreads. Textiles provide an ideal surface for harboring virus and bacteria which are transmitted from textiles in contact with other surfaces. To achieve ICAO “clean crew” advice, we rebuilt Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform with new safety design to cover all body and used Antibacterial Fabric to actively inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact on the surface. By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and bacteria, our produced uniform minimizes the potential for re-transmission of pathogens from textile.