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    Job Description

    • Technically managing the team he/she is responsible for,

    • To have learned the relevant procedures in a way to technically guide the team he/she is responsible for,

    • To comply with the data production schedules and to monitoring the team he/she is responsible for also comply with these schedules,

    • Being aware of deadlines and guiding the team accordingly,

    • Providing technical leadership and ensuring common data production within the frame of the company procedures, 

    • Working closely with analysts to ensure mission success and prompt resolution of issues and anomalies,

    • To prevent team members from trying to get help from each other for their data production problems and to be solely responsible for such questions, 

    • Identifying the training needs of team members and ensuring that these are completed as soon as possible,

    • Monitoring and providing the documentation related to the data production process is prepared in accordance with the procedures and on time, 

    • Preparing the daily performance report for the team he/she is responsible for,

    • To inform the Data Production Department Manager without delay about the administrative problems of the team he/she is responsible for,

    • To inform the Data Production Department Manager without delay about the situations that he/she cannot solve technically.

    Required Education 

    • Bachelor's degree preferably in aviation.


    • Ability and willingness to learn new concepts and tools, 

    • Prior to having proven skills in data analysis and data entry,

    • Being open minded to improve leading skills, 

    • Quality minded and deadline oriented,

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills,

    Attention to detail while performing safety critical and repetitive tasks,

    • Time Management,

    • Analytical and critical thinking skills,

    • Spoken and written communication skills in English.

    Job Description

    • Responsibility for analyzing source documents and converting worldwide aeronautical data into digital and graphic formats for use in KEYVAN Aviation Products in accordance with product specifications.

    • Analysis for most effective Project.

    Uploading officially approved data from different sources (CD, Online Data, Printed Material, etc.) to the temporary database in line with the determined standards.

    • Developing, organizing, and reporting integrations between data entries.

    • Analyzing technical and application problems and creating solutions.

    • Communication and cooperation effectively with the team in order to achieve the department goals.

    Required Education

    • Bachelor's degree in technical or aviation


    • Problem solving.

    • Quality minded focus on process adherence.

    • Time Management.

    • Analytical and critical thinking skills.

    • Strong spoken and written communication skills in English.


    • Search and selection and hiring processes,

    • Driving standardization for the execution of HR policies and procedures, align them with company policies,

    • Execution of all aspects of HR (recruitment, talent & performance management, training, compensation & benefits),

    • Preparation, implementation, and organization of training plans,

    • Establishing performance evaluation strategies,

    Required Background:

    • Bachelor’s degree, • Minimum 4 years of experience,

    • Preferably experience working with quality management systems.

    • Demonstrable experience with recruitment, performance management, training,

    • Analytical and problem-solving skills,

    • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of the company,

    • Good command of written and spoken English.

    • Proficiency in MS Office applications,

    • No military obligation for male candidates,