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    A Message from CEO :

    Due to Corona Virus (COVID19) pandemic intensifies, you may find yourself limited to the city, you find yourself far away from your customers or business partners, summer or winter destinations and in some cases no chance to visit the production site. Seems that you don’t want to take a risk and buy an airline ticket, walk in the busy airports and put your belongings into the tray like thousands of the people. Or you may try your chance to book an airlines ticket but you couldn’t find a suitable date or time because their operation is very limited.  You may thinking about ways to fly safe and avoid crowded airlines and airports areas, have your meeting and back to the home same day, take your families to the summer or winter holiday without taking a travel risk.

    And still considering safety and comfort during flight as the most important keys during these days.

    If you are still thinking then seems you are agree with me. Now is a good time to get acquainted with flying privately, business or leisure. It may be easier than what you think, Just need to contact our sale team, tell them about your interest, budget and lifestyle, they will share very carefully airplane models which fit your criteria, then it is your turn:  Figure out your travel plan and prepare your luggage, we will prepare the rest. 

    We will deliver your airplane in the agreed location and ready for flight.

    About Our CEO and Chairman :

    Mehmet Keyvan is the founder and Chairman of Keyvan Aviation Group. Keyvan Aviation Group was established to serve the needs of airlines, airports and operators with fashion materials and special division for business jet consultancy and operation.

    Mehmet Keyvan can draw on his experience in the business aviation and cabin interior decoration close to 20 years. He is a member of GYIAD - an effective and pioneering non-governmental organization endeavoring to increase the political and economic impact of young business people and executives and supporting creative entrepreneurship projects.

    Mehmet worked with many of HNW & UHNW for past 10 years and supported them with the best solutions for business jet acquisition and related transactions and finally converting the cabin interior to their lifestyle and taste.

    Mehmet is married, he lives in Istanbul with his wife and daughter.

    E-mail: pa@keyvan.aero