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    Keyvan Aviation Group, headquartered in İstanbul, was founded by Mehmet Keyvan with more than 20 years of aviation experience. We develop innovative technologies and realize projects in the aviation field, advancing rapidly towards becoming a leading company

    Keyvan Aviation’s aim is to fully meet the needs of our customers with all steps in aviation industry.

    Keyvan Fashion combines fashion with technology to create custom designs for aviation and hospitality uniforms and bringing them into life to become the best with comfortable and high quality clothing understanding.

    Keyvan Systems leverages proprietary solutions while seamlessly harnessing the synergies unsurfaced of data aggregation to empower decision makers across organizations.

    While we strengthen our place in the sector with our experienced and qualified team, we share our expertise gained over the years in the aviation industry. We are taking sure steps towards becoming one of Turkey's most important brands in the international arena.