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Aeronautical & Navigation Database 

Offering EASA approved Navigation Database in ARINC 424 format with Global coverage, containing more than 40,000 aerodromes included with civil , military , private , ultra-light and heliports. Data covered 195 countries and delivered every 28 days according to AIRAC Cycle

Military & Governmental  Solutions

Aeronautical and Navigation Data required for Government , Military , Humanitarian , Rescue or VIP flight operations including with all special procedures and Charts. Tailored requirements, special coding and operational requirements on different type of aircraft and operations.

Digital Flight Charts

IFR , VFR charts included with Enroute , SID , STAR and Approach charts are available in the GEO PDF and digital format by KEYVAN Aviation. Customers may use the chart data in their own application or by using KEYVAN Aviation EFB solutions.

Real-time NOTAM , METAR/TAF Data

Access to worldwide coverage of real-time NOTAM and METAR/TAF data from KEYVAN aviation servers, helps operators to make required pre-planning for their operation and reduce the cost of changes in the last minutes.


Navigation Data suitable for Full Flight Simulators , MFTD and PC based simulators users with Global coverage. Database coded for different aircraft categories included with ultra-light data as well as helicopters. SIMLover may enjoy real world data on their PC-Based simulators.

Airport Performance Solution

Wide range of data for airport operation performance and management reporting and monitoring according to the NETZERO and Carbon reduction policy. Included with the 24 hours reporting on the airport operations by calculating the taxi time , take off and landing time, fuel consumption, carbon generation per flight.

Worldwide Airport & Runway Database

Global coverage of Airports and runway characteristic for 30,900 airports around the world.

Drone eVTOL Data Coding

Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) drones have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and ability to access hard-to-reach areas. eVTOL drones require sophisticated flight control algorithms to manage the transition between vertical take-off, landing, and horizontal flight. These algorithms must ensure stability and smooth transitions, especially during critical phases of flight.

Training & Course Solutions

Offering special training and consultancy sessions for EU Regulation 2017/373 , RTCA DO-200 , RTCA DO-330 , RTCA DO-201 as well as EUROCAE ED-76A , ED-77 and ARINC 424. All training available in the remote and classroom concept in KEYVAN Aviation headquarter in Istanbul.

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